How did that even happen anyway? Well, I like to make things. I like to re-cycle, re-claim, re-purpose and re-use. There is a bit of all of that in every item I make, whether it’s the wire I use or the bits of leather. Sometimes I deconstruct old jewelry items to use an element and mix the old with the new. The stones and beach glass used in my pieces are scavenged from the shores of the Bay of Fundy. When my son was very young we spent many hours on the beach collecting bit and pieces. But they were just sitting around in old tin cans, baskets and boxes just waiting to be transformed, so necessity became the "Mother" of invention! 

Turning pastime into a livliehood

I am a self taught crafter passionate about making something out of nothing! Working with found items, recycled and reclaimed materials and turning them into wearable art is the heart and soul of my little venture . There is a lot of love infused into every piece! I love our Mother Earth so do what I can to keep her beautiful.